A massive transfer hunt from the European League

eden hazard

European soccer has become the center of world soccer and certainly produces quality players and is also a role model throughout the world. In the transfer market this year, many big European teams have carried out large-scale transfer exchanges. This was done because they wanted to improve the achievements of each team. The big teams include Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Manchester United and a number of other big teams, but there are also big teams that don’t want to pay big fees for transfers. They only rely on the existing team to finalize the formation and also the team cohesiveness. Therefore, here are some teams that are intense in the transfer market and teams that are relaxed in the transfer market.

Teams with high spending on transfers (Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United)

These 3 big teams are the most intense team in the transfer market this season. Real Madrid managed to buy quality players such as Luka Jovic, Eden Hazard, and also Alphonso Areola. Real Madrid spent billions of funds to bring the three of them. Then Barcelona. This one country team is also aggressively in the transfer market this season, the team from the city of Catalunya managed to bring Antoine Griezmann at a price of 1.89 Trillion Rupiah. Griezman is indeed very good when in uniform at Atletico Madrid and this is what makes Barcelona began to be interested in bringing Griezman. And finally, Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team managed to bring quality players from the English league. Players bought like Aaron Wan Bissaka, Daniel James, and Harry Maguire. With the quality of players like this, Manchester United are optimistic to be a scary team this season.

The teams that are relaxed in this transfer market (Liverpool and Chelsea)

These two teams are from the United Kingdom and they both have struggled in the UEFA Super Cup, but Liverpool were the ones who managed to get it, but they just didn’t do the crazy transfer market and they used the team, especially at Liverpool. Chelsea did not make transfers this season because they were banned by FIFA because there were problems in the transfer market. Liverpool actually buys players but only limited to young players for breeding quality young players. Players like Harvey Elliot and Sepp Van de Berg. They also bought 2 goalkeeper Andy Andner Lonergan and the Super Cup hero Adrian. With the purchase made Liverpool still rely on old squad such as Virgil Van Dijk, Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane and also Roberto Firminho. That is the team that did not choose to compete in the transfer market.

The other team that carried out the transfer market

There are still many mediocre teams that make transfers this season and of course, they must have high-quality players to be able to give achievements to that team. What was done to the team was a wise decision and also to further strengthen the existing squad and have a good cohesiveness. One of the teams that did that was Atletico Madrid. Atletico began aggressively for the transfer market by buying a wonder kid from Portugal, namely Joao Felix and also several other players such as Kieran Trippier. Atletico Madrid is now a strong and respected team in Spain and also with a good composition of players make Atletico Madrid the most feared team in Europe. http://www.judibolaterbaik.co

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